Will Wrinkle reducing treatments lift your eyebrows?

Non-surgical brow lift, Fairfield

Our eyes can be one of the first telltale signs of ageing, and understandably, many want to hold back the clock for as long as possible. Drooping eyelids are one of the most common ageing concerns, and they can make us appear tired and aged beyond our years. A non-surgical brow lift using wrinkle reducing treatments is an increasingly popular way to lift the brow, reduce sagging eyelids and help the whole face appear brighter, more youthful and refreshed – all with no pain or downtime. If you’re considering a brow lift, this is everything you need to know about the procedure and what to expect in terms of results.

What is a brow lift?

We’re all aware of the wrinkle-smoothing benefits that wrinkle reducing treatments offer. It’s excellent for eliminating lines and wrinkles because, when injected into a muscle, the treatment temporarily prohibits muscle contraction. That temporarily paralysis of the muscle can prevent movement that causes the skin to crease, and as a result, helps the skin appear smoother with fewer pronounced wrinkles.

And its benefits don’t stop there – the treatment can be utilised for several other concerns and one that we’re focusing on today is a drooping brow.

Since the treatment can temporarily pause your ability to contract a muscle, when injected into the forehead, it can slightly raise your eyebrow. For lifting the brow, wrinkle reduing treatment is used to rebalance the forehead muscles to create a lifting effect around the brow. To create this effect, we will use multiple injections between the eyes and along the brow to subtly but impactfully lift the eyebrows.

Lifting the brow helps us achieve a more youthful look since the eyebrow can drift downwards with age as muscles stretch and skin loses some elasticity. It can also smooth forehead wrinkles and make the eyes appear more awake.

A combination of treatments for best results

As well as strategically placing wrinkle reducing treatments into the area around the brow, we may also combine the treatment with facial contouring to help restore volume and fullness of the upper eyelid and correct brow asymmetry. Facial contouring is used to add volume, increase skin tension in the area above your eyes, and provide a mechanical lift to tissues that have become stretched and dropped with age.

How long do results last?

The effects of the treatment can last for up to four months, depending on your lifestyle and metabolism. Sometimes facial contouring lasts slightly longer (approximately nine months in this area), but in order to maintain a consistent result, we usually recommend coming back for maintenance treatments every four months.

Is it right for you?

A brow lift is one of the most popular brow lifting techniques used by medical aesthetic practitioners worldwide. Whether your goal is a smoother forehead with fewer wrinkles, more space between your eyebrows and your eyelids, or you’d simply like to look more awake, a eyebrow lift might help you achieve your desired look. Just make sure to do your research and go to a provider who you trust.

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