Patient Treatment Profiles

Patient 1

I’ve worked on enhancing her anterior and lateral cheek areas, yielding remarkable results that revitalised her tired appearance and boosted her self-confidence. The emphasis was on achieving a natural look, steering clear of overdone fillers. The treatment focused on volumising specific fat compartments in the face, showcasing how fillers can effectively alleviate fatigue and enhance one’s natural features.

Patient 2

Patient 2’s treatment journey was centered around enhancing their side profile, focusing on both the nose and chin to achieve facial harmonisation. We began by refining the nasal tip through a carefully tailored post-surgical rhinoplasty, resulting in a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing nose. Complementing this, addressing the chin had a transformative effect on the overall facial appearance, contributing to a harmonised profile. The holistic approach to facial harmonisation highlights the profound impact that subtle adjustments to the nose and chin can have on the overall balance and beauty of one’s face.

Patient 3

Patient 3’s journey involved a mid-face treatment, focusing on rejuvenating the cheeks and addressing tear troughs to combat hollowness under the eyes. The goal was to refresh their overall appearance, restoring volume to the mid-face for a youthful, revitalised look. By enhancing the cheeks and reducing the hollows under the eyes, we achieved a natural, radiant appearance, bringing out the patient’s best features and enhancing their self-confidence.

Patient 4

Patient 4 underwent a comprehensive full-face rejuvenation, focusing on enhancing various facial features to create a harmonious and proportionate appearance. The treatment encompassed the cheeks, lips, jawline, and chin, exemplifying a holistic approach to facial enhancement. By carefully addressing each area, the goal was not only to rejuvenate but also to beautify, ensuring that all features were in harmony and proportion, ultimately resulting in a naturally enhanced and aesthetically pleasing facial aesthetic.

Patient 5

Patient 5 opted for a tear trough treatment to specifically address the tired appearance under their eyes. This approach focused solely on rejuvenating the tear trough area without utilising any cheek enhancements. By precisely targeting this region, we were able to diminish the tired look and enhance the overall eye area. The treatment successfully revitalised the under-eye area, contributing to a more rested and refreshed appearance, instilling newfound confidence in the patient.

Patient 6

Patient 6 embarked on a transformative mid-face rejuvenation journey, targeting the delicate tear trough area, the cheeks, and the depression adjacent to the nose. Through a carefully tailored treatment plan, we addressed each aspect with precision and finesse. The tear trough received subtle yet impactful attention, reducing the appearance of tiredness. By enhancing the cheeks, we achieved a lifted and more youthful contour. The correction of the nasal depression added further harmony to the overall facial appearance. This comprehensive approach not only revitalised the mid-face but also rekindled the patient’s self-assurance, leaving them looking and feeling their best.

Patient 7

Patient 7 underwent a remarkable transformation with targeted filler treatments on their nose, focusing on two key areas for contour and straightening. By precisely addressing the tip and above the hump, we achieved a harmonious and balanced nasal appearance. These strategically placed treatments allowed for the gentle reshaping of the nose, resulting in a refined and more symmetrical profile. The procedure not only enhanced the aesthetics but also boosted the patient’s self-confidence, showcasing the artistry of non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Patient 8

Patient 8 embarked on a comprehensive full face rejuvenation journey, addressing multiple areas to achieve a holistic transformation. The treatment encompassed the enhancement of cheeks for a youthful contour, subtle correction of tear troughs to reduce under-eye hollowness, strategic refinement of the nose to achieve balance, and revitalization of the lips for a plump, natural look. This multi-faceted approach not only improved the patient’s overall appearance but also instilled a newfound sense of self-confidence and radiance.