How to lift sagging jowls with facial contouring

Jowl and jawline rejuvenation, Fairfield

Your skin changes markedly through the decades, from breakouts in your 20s and fine lines in your 30s, to loss of elasticity in your 40s, and sagging and dryness in your 50s and 60s. While a consistent skincare regime is essential throughout your life, subtle tweaks can help you manage these changes. One of the most common concerns that my patients present with is jowly jawlines – a common result of loss of volume and bone in the face, which contributes to sagging. The skin in our neck also slackens, so fat tends to collect under the jawline and bulge forwards, as the skin is too weak to contain it.

Jowls are a natural part of the ageing process and most of us end up with them – but if you do want to get rid of them, there are things you can do.

What’s the difference between jowls and a double chin?

They’re different aspects of the same sort of problem; it depends on where the saggy skin and extra fat is collecting. If it’s on the sides of the jaw, we’d usually call those jowls. And if it’s more central and appears or gets worse when you drop your chin, that’s a double chin.

Rejuvenating a saggy jawline with facial contouring

The formation of jowls is down to several factors, so tightening the skin will help, but replacing lost volume and stimulating the production of new collagen, may be the more effective method.

The first step to reverse them is usually cheek enhancement, which helps to lift drooping and receding fat pads that have dropped down the face back to their original position, smoothing the jawline in the process. By treating the cheekbones, the whole face can be visibly lifted, and nasolabial folds and marionette lines are minimised, too.

We may also deposit treatments along the jawbone, carefully tracing the jawline to give deep support while underpinning the jawline. You may think that if there’s a problem with jowls, the last thing we’d do is add volume to the area. But by placing the treatment carefully along the jaw, we can help make the jawline look lifted and more defined, and jowls instantly appear less obvious.

Finally, wrinkle reducing treatments which can be injected directly into the pre-jowl sulcus (the areas on either side of the chin) to tighten and lift the jaw area, pulling up the jowls.

Will losing weight get rid of jowls?

Losing weight shows its effects in the face as well as the body and having less fat in the face might mean less sagging or smaller or less prominent jowls. But the issue is that not everyone’s body reacts in the same way when we lose weight and it’s possible that the mid-face (where it’s a good thing to have more fat, as this pads out our facial contours and makes the skin sag less) might show weight loss before the jowls do, leaving you looking both gaunt and jowly at the same time. But as well as this, you may not have enough elastin in your skin for it to tighten up again under the chin as we slim down – so whilst jowls are smoothed, you may be left with empty, sagging skin in its place.

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