How many units of Wrinkle Reducing Treatment will I need?

Wrinkle Reducing Treatment, Fairfield, Melbourne

Whether you’re interested in aesthetic treatments or not (and since you’re here, I’m guessing it’s the former), you will likely have heard of Wrinkle Reducing Treatments. It’s the most popular aesthetic treatment worldwide, and when done well, it can be a quick way to look a little fresher, brighter, and youthful. But, if you’re considering treatment for the first time, you may be wondering ‘how many units will I need?’, ‘how much is too much?’, or ‘what even is a unit?’ – essential questions when considering this type of treatment. Though every treatment is unique to you and your areas of concern, there are some standard points of reference when it comes to the units generally required per area.

What is Wrinkle Reducing Treatment?

Taking things back to basics, Wrinkle Reducing Treatment works by relaxing muscles, binding to where the nerve meets the muscle and blocking the message to move. It’s most commonly applied to the forehead, frown lines and around the eyes, but the treatment can also be used to lift a drooping nose tip, relax a gummy smile, stop chin dimpling, decrease jaw grinding and slim the face. It can also be used on areas of the body to stop excessive sweating.

The best time to start the treatments is when you can see where your lines are beginning to set into the face. Acting on them before they set deeper into the skin will make it much easier to get rid of them completely and prevent them from worsening.

Wrinkle Reducing Treatment units

When it comes to establishing how much Wrinkle Reducing Treatments you need, every patient is unique, and this can only be accurately determined after having a thorough consultation and assessment. The number of units required for each patient varies greatly on how large your muscle is, how strong it is, the position of your muscle, and other factors. The strength of the muscles in your face, particularly the forehead muscles, plays a large part in how many units you will need. For example, stronger facial muscles will need more units, whereas weaker facial muscles typically require fewer units.

To give you an idea of what you may require, here is a general breakdown of what to expect for each area:

  • Forehead: 10-15
  • Crow’s feet lines: 12-24
  • Frown lines: 2-30
  • Chin: 2-6
  • Corners of the mouth: 3-6 units
  • Teeth grinding/jaw slimming: 15-50 units per side
  • Gummy smile: 2-5
  • Neck (platysmal) bands: 25-50 units

Avoiding the ‘frozen’ look

Wrinkle Reducing Treatment isn’t meant to remove all expression, just to soften it. Find a practitioner whose style is in sync with what you want and ask lots of questions during your consultation. A good measure is how they look themselves. Is their face moving normally? Be honest and tell your practitioner what you want – and what you don’t want. Wrinkle Reducing Treatments are a very safe treatment and can give brilliant results when delivered by an experienced practitioner.

If you’re considering Wrinkle Reducing treatments and want to find out more information or understand how it can help you, click here to book a free consultation.