Facial contouring

Dermal Fillers – Facial Contouring

Facial contouring treatments are designed to lift, plump and rejuvenate the skin. They can be used to soften fine lines, folds and wrinkles whilst simultaneously rebuilding volume in areas that have lost their support due to ageing. They provide subtle, natural-looking results and are used to enhance the lips, cheeks, chin and jawline and finely rebalance the facial profile to achieve optimal proportion and symmetry.

Dr Rakib, a qualified cosmetic doctor, is here to help you with your skin needs.

Dermal Fillers Facial Contouring
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Facial Contouring Treatments

Facial contouring treatment is a simple, non-invasive procedure suitable for both men and women who wish to achieve a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance with minimal downtime.

At the Dr Rakib Uddin Clinic, we use hyaluronic acid to volumise the face and restore youthful softness whilst hydrating the deeper skin tissues to boost radiance. Facial contouring can also stimulate collagen, making the skin appear smoother and more luminous.


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Face contouring treatment areas

Face contouring helps to rejuvenate the face, reduce signs of ageing and add volume to your face all whilst looking natural.

Cheeks – add lift to the cheeks and enhance your checksEyes – address hollowness above the eyesLips – enhance your lipsNeck – smooth neck lines
Jaw and chin – defined jaw lineMouth – smooth out your marionette linesMouth – improve smile linesEyes – improve tired eye appearance with tear trough


How do dermal fillers work?
Facial contouring boosts the skin’s natural supply of hyaluronic acid, which diminishes as we age. This helps to rebuild areas of the face that have lost volume and smooth fine lines, add definition to the facial contours, and balance facial symmetry. Facial contouring also improves the skin quality by stimulating new collagen and elastin, resulting in a plump and youthful appearance.
What areas can they treat?
Most areas of the face can be treated with facial contouring, from improving overall skin quality and texture to lifting the cheeks, addressing hollowness above the eyes, enhancing the lips, smoothing neck lines and even rejuvenating the hands.
When will I see the results?
Facial contouring results are immediate; however, we advise that the finished result will be visible three to four weeks post-treatment when all the remaining swelling has dispersed.
Is there any downtime?

You may experience mild discomfort, swelling and tenderness, which will usually last between 2 to 5 days following treatment.

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Dr Rakib Uddin is a cosmetic doctor based in Melbourne. He completed his medical degree from the University of Queensland in 2014 and is currently completing his Fellowship through the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine.

During his medical school years, Dr Rakib was actively involved in teaching students anatomy at the University of Queensland. Given his passion he then undertook a diploma in Anatomy at Queensland University of Technology. Dr Rakib brings his indepth knowledge and understanding of human anatomy especially the face, as well as his appreciation for even the finest of details to his work as a highly skilled aesthetic physician.

Dr Rakib undertook his residency training in different areas of medicine including general surgery, Dermatology, Intensive Care and Orthopaedics at Gold Coast University Hospital. He then moved to Melbourne where he focussed on Emergency Medicine at Austin Health. During his medical career he always had mindset for both procedural and artistic work. He was attracted to the aesthetic approach to facial contouring and rejuvination via nonsurgical treatments. His passion led him to intensely study, train and practise with fillers and anti wrinkle treatments.

Dr. Rakib is a highly skilled trainer at Derma Medical, where he provides top-notch education in dermal and anti-wrinkle procedures. With expertise in the field, he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with aspiring professionals in Melbourne and helping them achieve their career goals.

Dr Rakib aims to provide holistic facial aesthetic treatments in a safe environment.
His goal is to offer minimally invasive treatments aiming to build confidence and self-esteem, by providing subtle natural enhancements to one’s own beauty.


  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) at University of Queensland
  • Bachelor of Medical Science with 2nd class honours at International Medical University, Malaysia
  • Diploma in Surgical Anatomy at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
  • Currently undergoing Cosmetic medicine fellowship with Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine (ACCSM)
  • Member of Korean College of Cosmetic Surgery (KCCS)
  • Member of IMCAS Academy, Paris
  • Derma Medical Trainer